Our Philosophy

Connections’ philosophy is to deliver high quality intervention services that match the individual child and the family as a whole, recognizing that children learn and develop through shared experiences in play.

Parent input and participation is the most valuable piece of a child’s learning. Every child can and will learn, and it is the responsibility of educators to find the most appropriate and parsimonious way to teach to each child’s individual learning style.

  • Teaching strategies should be empirically validated and research-based.
  • A play-based approach should be implemented to utilize your child’s natural motivation to learn.
  • The child’s individual interests should be incorporated to increase teaching opportunities.
  • Behavior is communication, and should be treated as such.
  • A functional communication system should be in place for every child.
  • Practical and functional skills should be taught consistently across all daily routines to increase independence.
  • The focus should be on positive and systematic approaches to teaching functional skills and reducing behavior problems.